Here are some of the reviews left by attendees of the Better Life Institute LIVE events:

Did the session meet your expectations?     Yes/No

 100% of participants said it met or EXCEEDED their expectations (March 2015 General Session)

Was the seminar price for the information and time investment “just right”?  Yes/No

 100% of participants said the time investment was equal to the price... over 25% said the price was TOO LOW!!!! 

 Would you recommend the #betterlifemovement to others?  Yes/No

 100% of participants said they would recommend the movement to others!

 ** I cant wait until the next one..**

What can be done to make the event better overall, especially concerning the use of time?

 ** More time to go in depth- maybe include individual sessions for each area (of life).

** more engaging with presenters and examples more in-depth **

  Was there an “aha” moment? If so, please share.  If not, what did you like best? 

 (Aha moments) **Yes to recognize where I excel and do not in specific areas of my life. **

**Yes, the spiritual and intellectual/emotional focuses were beneficial. **

** I enjoyed the ENTIRE SEMINAR (emphasis added). Very informative. Speakers were extremely well-rounded in their area of expertise.**

** HEALTHY GUY WAS GREAT!!  Invite him back!!**

**Learning about a 401k plan as well as when 30 lbs overweight NOT to run.**